Shanta Holdings is a symbol that inspires on a daily basis through the care towards their clients and their commitment to providing an uncompromising level of service and superior products.

Purchasing an apartment, a home, or even an office is often considered a milestone in a person’s life. This pursuit of securing the perfect abode stands true universally. Shanta has been at the forefront of making this dream a reality since 2005. Following the establishment, the company has been diligently working towards offering customers the comfort of luxury, bathed in architectural elegance. Aesthetically built with exquisite craftsmanship, Shanta offers city dwellers an abode that complements the urban lifestyle. Architectural splendor, exquisite craftsmanship and ultimate comfort are the cornerstones of every Shanta project. Shanta doesn’t just offer urban structures. They take into consideration the modern tastes of city dwellers and sculpt their buildings with grandeur, style and functionality. Every Shanta project is intricately woven with the wonders of the natural environment, offering a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. Even business becomes a pleasure in their exquisite commercial spaces. Shanta Holdings is constructing the city’s first 40-storied tower aptly named Shanta Pinnacle and the country’s first dazzling 25-storied twin towers called Shanta Forum.

Shanta Pinnacle

Redecorating the landscape of the city’s industrial district, the 40-storied commercial jewel being built by Shanta Holdings will proudly welcome business professionals into its grand 45 feet high Atrium entrance and elegantly designed reception lobby.

It is the country’s first wind tunnel tested building which was diligently designed by RWDI Singapore. The structural, MEP, and state-of-the-art firefighting and detection systems were designed by Meinhardt Group & IDS Singapore. The building’s efficiently designed floor space provides maximum flexibility for interior design and the impressive 11.5 feet to floor height induces a sense of expansiveness turning the building into a spacious respite from the city’s hustle-bustle, complemented further by professionally designed landscaping and lighting.

Shanta Pinnacle will host further amenities like 7 high-speed international brand passenger elevators and 1 service/fireman’s elevator, and 5 layers of basement parking with mechanical ventilation. As a Business Center, the professionals will also have an area of luxurious indulgence in the exquisite rooftop restaurant with the most lucrative and unparalleled view of the city, a state of the art Gym, along with an aesthetically designed and spacious Café at the ground floor.

Shanta Pinnacle has a computerized building management system with Unitized Curtain Wall System for maximum energy efficiency, rainwater and dust protection as well as insulated double glazed low-emission heat resistant glass. Understanding the need for security, Shanta Pinnacle will be equipped with a cutting edge BMS system, comprising central security surveillance with 24/7 monitoring, and full load power backup with the most advanced generator. Shanta Pinnacle will not only upgrade the commercial hub of the city, it will also enhance the working standards and experience of those coming in and out of the stately doors of the iconic tower.

Shanta Forum

The first 25-storied twin towers of the country. With the perfect blend of intricate design and superlative construction at its core, Forum is the landmark we have been waiting for.

The twin towers have an elegantly designed double-height atrium entry and reception lobby. The commercial building is a dreamy haven for busy professionals affording a crisp business environment, elegantly blended with amenities such as 8 passenger elevators and two service elevators. Keeping in par with the requirements of corporate inhabitants, Forum is fitted with a modern central HVAC system with load management along with a full load power backup with the most advanced generator.

Forum’s spacious 12’ clear height from floor to ceiling allows a sense of ease to flow through the building. To further accentuate the calming ambiance Forum has the widest open plazas (200’ open at the front and 175’ open at the back) in the vicinity. The twin towers have the well renowned Shanta seal of security, fitted with a central security surveillance system and a state-of-the-art firefighting and detection system. Following recent updates to building safety, Forum has two fire stairs with 2-hour UL listed fire-resistant doors and offers 10 years of building Facilities Management Services by Shanta Holdings to ensure it is maintained to perfection.

The twin towers also host Insulated double-glazed low-emission heat resistant glass, three-layers of basement parking of 350 cars with Mechanical Ventilation, Management Office, drivers waiting for the zone with washrooms, prayer room and more.

Shanta Holdings has built its stellar reputation in the real estate industry through its attention to detail and its efficient use of space, transforming the city’s skyline with its artistic, aesthetic and thoughtful real estate wonders. Shanta Pinnacle and Shanta Forum are a testament to their commitment to assist city dwellers and businesses in truly attaining the heights of success.