Medical Recruitment


This is very important to ensure the best possible employment for our doctors, nurses, health technicians and others related to the healthcare sector. The achievement of a desired job must create satisfaction for health professionals which lead to giving their best for their patients. To make it happen British Bangla Healthcare came up with the idea to help, guide, train & to recruit doctors, nurses & other health professionals for their most desired job in national and international platforms. We are committed to maintain the standard of doctors & nurses who are registered with us.

We specialized in placing doctors in various temporary and permanent positions in the UK, Ireland, Australia, UAE & other middle east countries as well. We resource qualified medical personnel from local and global markets and provide staffing solutions to private and public hospitals and corporate sectors. As a doctor-led firm, our medical workforce knowledge helps to ensure our placements are well matched to the needs of our clients and their communities. 

Our firm is led by qualified medical doctors currently practising in the UK. All of our senior staff have spent many years in the medical field to develop themselves for planning, managing and delivering medical services. We understand the medical career and provide counselling and advice for success.

We also provide Locum/On demand JOB for doctors and nurses in different hospitals in Bangladesh for urgent service. Locums are in great demand. The work is varied. The pay is good, although it is not guaranteed. The general terms and conditions can often be poor, without any national representation for support. There are, however, obvious differences between hospital and general practice locums. General practice locums have a distinct advantage over their hospital colleagues, with better appreciation from colleagues, and advantages of self employment. Furthermore, working has no effect on postgraduate training. The locums are already fully trained.

Locum work is flexible and interesting. It gives the doctor the chance to see many aspects of medicine without the requirement of a long term commitment early in a career. With the ever increasing demands for a better quality of life, part time work in an unstructured or semi structured form is possible. So, If you want to get the opportunity of the British Bangla Healthcare Job placement facility, please register yourself right now by filling up the form below.

In this global world there are ample opportunities to work in different countries as a medical professional. We aim to find the best doctors and train them to secure jobs in hospitals worldwide according to their country of choice.


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