About Us


British Bangla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prominent Healthcare supportive facilities providing companies based in Bangladesh which are performing on national and international platforms simultaneously. It started the journey in 2020 with a single goal, “Excellence in Healthcare”. British Bangla Healthcare was formed with the mission to lead the industry of Bangladeshi Healthcare sector with better excellence to compete with world standards.

We are glad to announce that within this short time British Bangla Healthcare has gained a remarkable establishment in the market through its business ethics & philosophy and got the chance to work with some world-renowned Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Colleges & Meditech companies in different platforms. Our business efficiency includes best sourcing, consignment commitment, non-compromising quality with best affordability. We are committed to our clients which means all of our strong workforce is focused on staying true to its word.

 We are ambitious to facilitate our health sector through most innovative ideas & advanced technologies to implement a better healthcare management system. In short, British Bangla Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to bring a world standard healthcare system in Bangladesh which is affordable, transparent and accountable to all.



Our vision is to make Bangladesh as Largest Medical Hub in Asia through continuous innovation & development in Healthcare Sector with appropriate connectivity of global network in terms of non-compromising quality with best affordability and to create maximum possible values for all of our Business Associates, adhering to the highest ethical standards.



Our Mission is to achieve all of our operational goals gradually with proper client’s satisfaction to receive an economic and social welfare return on our investment & effort from both national and international platforms so that we could contribute to the overall development of Bangladesh through revolutionizing its health sector. We are also passionate to introduce a new healthcare industry in Bangladesh.

Our Mission statement focused on following phylosophy:

  • No Patient turned away
  • Availability of all modern treatment
  • Foster collaboration and innovation.
  • Accuracy of health diagnosis on time
  • After Service commitment to our clients
  • Zero tolerance with quality compromise
  • Most Advanced Integrated health system for all
  • Practice of  Reporting & compliance in healthcare
  • Transparency of charges, treatments & outcomes
  • Proper Knowledge develoment of health professionals
  • Reduce costs across the value chain to make care more affordable
Our Core Values are:
      • Valuing people
      • Systems perspective
      • Visionary leadership
      • Management by fact
      • Youth Empowerment
      • Managing for innovation
      • Ethical business practice
      • Knowledge and learning
      • Ethics and transparency
      • Patient-focused excellence
      • Delivering value and results
      • Long term client relationship
      • Organizational learning and agility
      • Outstanding service with quality and value
      • Societal responsibility and community health
      • Honesty, integrity, respect and understanding


British Bangla Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality of simple & reliable diagnostic testing kits for drug test, urine test, pregnancy tests, general health tests and so many which can be easily carried out in the home.

We care about our home user clients especially those who needs to check up their health daily basis & are not able to move to hospitals or diagnostic centers. We, British Bangla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. are always ready to fulfill their daily needs through providing the most advanced & different types of health checkup kits, devices and medical equipment. All of our Kits and devices are manufactured by internationally accredited companies mostly based on the USA, UK, Japan, Korea and etc. So the quality is 99% guranteed from your end. Moreover, we also supply to the corporate, industrial and government sector to ensure better health check up practice among the workplace. We are highly efficient to design hospital equipment infrastructure like OT, word, ICU, CCU etc. We have some products in our own brand name that are highly qualityful and cost effective for all.



British Bangla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is highly qualified and professional to the service of hospital management consultancy. We have experts from the NHS (world’s best medical system) who can deal with any type of complexity and troubleshooting in hospital management. We can guide hospital infrastructure and operational set up with proper planning, execution, supplies, problem solving and so on. Moreover, to implement the digital and systematic medical reporting system we supply the most advanced hospital management software with maintenance service.


A nation can’t give the best healthcare service to its citizen without the best doctors or health professional. British Bangla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is highly passionate to contribute in developing the human resource of healthcare sector of Bangladesh. We guide, consult and help to doctors and potential doctors to get the chance of higher study (MBBS/ MD/ professional degrees) in abroad (UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and others) so that they can get the best knowledge of medical education and can contribute to Bangladesh National Healthcare.


This is very important to ensure the best possible employment for our doctors, nurses, health technicians and others related to the healthcare sector. The achievement of a desired job may create satisfaction for health professionals which may lead them to give their best to the patients. To make it happen British Bangla Healthcare came up with the idea to help, guide, train & to recruit doctors, nurses & other health professionals for their most desired job placement in national and international platforms. We are committed to maintain the standard of doctors & nurses who are registered with us.


Medical Tourism is one of the most demanding healthcare services in the world. Bangladesh needs to be more proactive in this arena. British Bangla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is accelerating the opportunity of medical tourism in Bangladesh. We guide people for better treatment and other relevant facilities inside and outside of national borders. We consult our clients from very beginning to last with the best and ultimate health solution. They are getting the one stop health solution from us.


One of our major contributions to the healthcare system is Second Medical Opinion. We are attached with so many world-renowned doctors and health professionals who are advising us on the health issues of our clients based on their medical records and past history. It is health consultancy by specialized professionals mostly for critical & on demand health issues.